‘Flying is not for the faint hearted’, I always tell people. You have to have confidence, be able to deal well with time difference and being in good health definitely helps. Working in a pressurized cabin has a major impact on your body. So it helps to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Your skin also has to endure a lot and so I am always trying to find miracle cures when it comes to skin care. A nice perk of flying is that you can also shop abroad and sometimes come across products that are not always available back home. Curious as to what I carry around the world and what is in my toiletry bag? I will share a small part of my stash with you.

Summer Fridays, jetlag mask. Normally I don’t like the masks. I don’t have the patience for them and I never feel like it really works. But that all changed when I tried this. I’m very happy with this tip from a colleague. Created by two American influencers (crap, totally got influenced) who, due to the many journeys, also needed something extra for their skin. The trick is the following: instead of applying the mask after a flight and removing it after 20 minutes, it’s better to leave it on overnight. This allows your skin to absorb the mask well (apply way before you go to bed otherwise the majority will end up on your pillow case) in the morning you wake up with tighter skin. So skincare routine: after arriving home and on destination, sleep with this mask. Love.it! Bought at Sephora, $48.

This ladies (and gentlemen) is the holiest of my holy grail. First thing I do when in Spain: stop by the local pharmacy to stock up on these babies. These Martiderm ampoules with 5% vitamin C are really the shizzle! After breaking the ampoule (there’s an ingenious device in the package to open them) I apply this under my day or night cream. The serum seriously tightens your skin and solo (without day cream) works perfecty as a primer. Even though I don’t have dry skin, I still like these ampoules. There are also ampoules available with a higher concentration of vitamin C. But I am a little careful because I’m in the sun a lot. One ampoule will last at least two days, but because the effect after opening is limited, I also apply it to my neck and cleavage (free tip from me). Can be found at all pharmacies in Spain or online (if you are not in the area). They cost around € 36 for 30 ampoules.

For those who follow my stories on Instagram already know: I am the biggest Glossier fangirl! When I am in LA or New York I just have to visit this ‘millenial’ cosmetics brands store. I’m a sucker for good marketing (stickers and cool packaging) and when everything is pink (from the staff’s uniforms to products) I’m sold! My personal favorites: the milky jelly cleanser ($ 9), a soft wash gel to remove your makeup in a jiffy, the waterproof eye makeup remover ($ 12), mascara ($ 16) that gives you longer lashes and Body Hero shower gel ($ 18) ) (your entire bathroom will smell lovely) and.so.much.more!

Lucky me, not only for les French ladies but also available in the Netherlands: this all-rounder from Embryolisse (€ 19.95). It is a perfect primer, day-night cream and mask in one. It’s my favorite day cream because your foundation will last the whole day. By the way, there are also many other amazing brands at French pharmacies such as Caudelie, La Roche-Posay and Avène. And if it’s good for the French ladies it’s good enough pour moi.

Essential in my toiletry bag is this delicious rosehip oil from Akin. I have tried several rosehip oils but this is by far my number 1! This 100% natural oil is packed with antioxidants and reduces fine lines, strengthens the skin and scars become less visible. When my skin needs a boost, I first exfoliate my skin using Clinique’s regular exfoliating scrub, which has a coarser grain and that I apply a few drops of this magical oil. The next day you’ll have brand new skin! About € 26 for a 20 ml bottle.

What is your favorite go-to when it comes to skincare?

xx Mishanou

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