Tis the season to be jolly! The Holiday season has officially started and that means lot’s of family fun, friends, food and prezzies! Do you remember when Oprah used to have her most populair and anticipated show, ‘Oprah’s favorite things? It started out as a show for gift ideas and to show the latest must haveswanna haves and gadgets that got so crazy that they actually started to give away cars! (you get one and you get one!) When the Holidays are around the corner I always get holiday shopping stress because I always end to buying stuff at the very last moment (a good planning is everything) Or are you that one friend that always shows up somewhere empty handed because you just don’t have any inspo? Well continue reading because I have some gift ideas so you can tick off some things of your holiday shopping list! Satisfaction guaranteed!


French deliciousness!

Personal fave! You’ll probably find a sample of this hand creme in every bag I own. I just love L’Occitane products! Just for the Holidays they have these super cute Christmas crackers and tree ornaments filled with either hand creme, shower gel or perfume. Nice to decorate the table but also suitable to use as thank you presents for your guests. (When you attend a party on the island of Curacao you don’t get cake during the party but when you go home because cake for breakfast is the best breakfast!) And if the party was really good you also get a little goodie or gift bag. Now that’s what I call a good tradition!


Where’s my lippy?

We all have one or two of these friends: the lip balm addict. I first learned about this brand after a trip to the US and I used to almost eat those things for breakfast! EOS lip balm. They just released a special Holiday edition of those yummy round lip thingies, Vanilla Bean. And it is just as delish as the other lip balms. Did you know next to the famous lip balm, EOS also has (paraben free, yay) hand and body lotion? So you can get  ‘that one friend’ a complete care package of yummy EOS products.


The Curly friend

When I saw this brush I was very sceptical. As a natural I never brush my hair anymore. Even if I could I can only do it when my hair is wet and that can damage it. When I detangle my hair I use a wide tooth comb to prevent my hair from breaking. I’ve been hearing the buzz about the Tangle Teezer for a while now and I was always a little jealous because I thought I couldn’t use it. When I was offered to try the Tangle Teezer I said ‘no thanks, I can’t use this’, but I was assured I really could. And honestly I was pleasantly surprised! People tend to compare curly hair to natural hair but on the package it really said ‘for thick, wavy and afro hair. And that triggered my curiosity even more. I used the Tangle Teezer after washing and conditioning my fro and it was very nice to finally brush my hair again and massaging my scalp. I missed doing that. I detangled my hair while it was wet without it excessively breaking. So also for the curly natural and not so natural girls this is a great brush.


Budget proof

Buying ‘prezzies’ for the holidays doesn’t have to be super expensive. Even when you’re a on a budget there are many options. I think it’s always nice to get self made presents. Healthy home made granola, presented in a cool Mason jar with a bow is always nice. Or can you make a mean cheese cake? Food is always good. Or if you are a very good artist or photographer you can make someone something personal. Just saying.. If you want to get someone some nice care products you don’t have to spend massive amounts either. Drugstore Etos has a limited edition Botanical line with Orange Blossom & Ginger shower foam, body lotion and hand cream which doesn’t only smells lovely but also looks nice in your bathroom due to the luxurious appearance. Throw in a scented candle and a glossy magazine and you have yourself a zen/cocoon package. You’re welcome!


Need more inspo?

For the lover: a nice camera (so he can shoot all your Instagram pics..;-)

Boys for their girls: anything van Cartier, Hermés of Chanel (haha, kidding! Ok, I’m not)

For the mom: a silk Hermés (or inspired) scarf. Scented candle, Byredo, Diptyque, Rituals or H&M Home.

The dad: crystal whiskey glasses, noise canceling earphones.

The bro: productivity planner.

The sis: initial earrings.

And other gorgeous stuff: coffee table book (Taschen has the most amazing ones) subscription to a fashion or interior magazine, polaroid camera, washi tape.

And the best gift of all, LOVE! Be kind to one another!


Happy Holidays!


xx Mishanou


(ps: If you want to win a nice holiday goodie bag, keep an eye on The Trend Attendant Facebook page!)







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