The first thing I did before I moved to Amsterdam wasn’t changing my address, getting the electricity supply connected or pick out a new floor. No the first thing on my list was arranging the internet connection. For a blogger having fast internet is life’s number one priority. We are living life in the fast lane. When we shop online we’re expecting it to arrive the next day. Too many people in line? Let’s open up a new register fast. We want everything, yesterday. Cause time is money. When I went to get my internet connected I thought they would just flip a switch and I would immediately be connected. But no, the internet dude told me: ‘you’ll be online in, give or take, two months..’ What? But I really need it for my website,’ I replied in a slight ‘do you know who I am’ tone of voice. His advice was to ‘be patient and update my blog on my phone’ (nothing more annoying than doing that). So there was nothing left for me to do than channeling my inner Carrie Bradshaw and move from coffee place to coffee place with my laptop (do you know how long it takes to upload a video on a public line?). Still, being offline for a while did have it’s benefits and those two months weren’t bad at all. Find out why below.


The biggest plus of being offline, you can catch up on sleep! Since my tv is also connected to the internet I couldn’t watch that either so I went to bed around 10 pm every night. Nothing more refreshing than going to bed early and finally getting those magical 8 hours of sleep. No internet, no bags under your eyes.. #winning

Slow reader

I don’t even remember the last time I finished reading a book. I get bored really easy and if a book doesn’t fully intrigue me I’ll discart it. But the main reason, I don’t have (or take) the time to read. And when I do, I’ll start reading about five books at the same time but never make it to the end. Major advantage of being offline, you finally get to chill out and take the time to finish that book. And it’s way better for your brain than watching the Kardashians..


Does this happen to you guys as well? I use my phone as a back up alarm (fear of sleeping in). But whenever I take my phone, iPad or laptop into the bedroom with me I’ll have the most restless night ever. Or I end up not sleeping at all. Not only because I’ll be constantly checking my messages but also because of all the wifi radiation. The best thing to do is to place all the devices in flight mode and leave them in the living room. Being offline will increase the quality of your sleep (and I am totally getting a second generic alarm clock).

Talk to me

Let’s be honest. When was the last time you’ve actually spoke to someone on the phone? Our whole social life basically takes place online. You get birthday wishes via Facebook (I still love sending and receiving handwritten cards, btw!) and people only chat on Snapchat these days. Benefits of not constantly being online, you get to meet up with your frenzies and see them in the flesh. And that’s still the best.

Work, work, work

Even though I need internet to work on my blog it’s also my biggest distraction. So often I’d find myself working to finish before a deadline but I’ll be procrastinating and so far up someones Instagram page that I don’t even remember how I got there. No interwebs means being way more productive on other grounds.


I’m happy to be fully online again so I start updating my blog again, but still it doesn’t hurt going M.I.A. every now and then. It’s way better for your health, well being and (real time) social life. Like with many things in life, moderation is key! Just not when it comes to chocolate and Chanel..

xx Mishanou



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