Don’t you just love it when you find something you’ve been looking for but then way cheaper? Obsession number 638: a light box. Not just your ordinary light box but one you can put awesome or cute quotes on and change them up now and then. Such a cool eye catcher for the living room, bedroom or wherever you like. But the light box I had my eye on retailed for 510€ and a smaller one for 410€. Urgh..

Anyway, back to past weekend when I was strolling through Hong Kong. I stopped by Cotton On, one of my fave stores (Australian high street store, also very popular in Asia) to get some tees and dresses for my upcoming vacay. Making my way through the store with my hands full of clothes I went to Typo, the part of the store where you find all the stationary etcetera. And there it was, ready for me to buy him, the light box I wanted! Tiny version but hey, cheaper and no need to break my back carrying the thing. Ring me up!

I didn’t find everything that I saw online at Cotton On so I went to a different part of HK to yet another Cotton On store (yes, as you might know by now, I have a slight obsessive personality). Couldn’t find the stuff there either but what I did find was a bigger light box. And size does matter so I returned the small light box and got the bigger on instead. On sale for just 80€! I got some extra letters and I couldn’t be happier with it!

What do you guys think?



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