When you want to meet up with someone to catch up, do you ever ask them ‘hey, want to meet up for tea?’. Not really, right? You usually invite someone to go for a cup of coffee. Even when you might not drink stuff. Coffee just sounds stronger, more rugged. Tea has a softer sound to it, kinda like that cup of chamomile tea your mom made you when you were sick. And that’s exactly what the founders of T’s Tea bar wanted to see differently. They would like to change the somewhat boring image that drinking tea might have. Having a cup of tea should be more like a ceremony just like in the asian culture. Where people come together a least once a day to socialize, drink specialty teas and enjoy all kinds delicacies. Because they could find this kind of experience outside of there own homes two Amsterdam locals started T’s Tea bar in the very trendy area De Baarsjes (in the west of Amsterdam). Not too long ago I got invited to have a tea tasting at T’s. Find out below how it all went down, literally!

t's glass

How about this? At T’s they don’t serve tea in a big old mug but in a very chique wine glas. Who said drinking tea was dull and boring?


They kick off the tea tasting with the lighter tea’s like white and green and gradually build up from there. Up next the blue teas, blue not because of the color but because of the taste that is between green and black tea. And end with the strong and robust black teas. Also you’ll get informed about how certain types of tea are made and what temperature is best suitable for serving.

t's tins

Storage space, the loose tea is being kept in these big airtight containers and protected from light (the best way to store tea). A very Pinterest worthy wall ;-).

t's tea

Lionel R. has a question for you..

Yay! Not only can you enjoy all kinds of delicious raw, no bake pies but also my fave Brazilian Pão de Queijo! And these yummy cheese balls were just as good as in Brazil.

t's couch

Catching up at T’s Tea bar is just like sitting in a big but cosy living room. But if you have some work to do you can also take your laptop with you and work at one of the tables.

t's pu erh

This was the last stop at the tea tasting, the Vintage Pu- Erh (7 years old, hence vintage). I was already familiar with the tea because I usually drink it when I’m working and I need a little boost. It is a very dark and powerful tea (not for the faint at heart). This fermented tea has a unusual smell, you might need to get used to it. The tea is very costly and in the old days in China it was even given as a birth present as an investment.

t's menu

The Menu. Feel free to ask some advise because there is so much to choose from. Next to the very populair Chai Latte (luckily not as sweet like they serve at you-know-where) you can also get Special T’s and Wellness T’s. Personal fave: Popcorn time and Vintage Pu-Erh. If you are in a hurry you can also have your tea ‘to go’.

t's staff

The tea baristas will make your daily ‘cuppa’ into a very nice experience. Also they can inform you about which side dish will go well with what type of tea.

t's tasting

New favorite tea bar in town! So, see you around at T’s? We can catch up over tea ;-).


xx Mishanou


T’s Tea bar 

Jan Evertsenstraat 89

Amsterdam (de Baarsjes)

Monday to Friday: 08:00 to 19:00 Saturday  & Sunday: 09:00 to 19:00

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