A pre-flight conversation with my bestie always goes as follows. She’ll ask me where my next flight will be to and what time I have to report. Then she’ll ask me if I already have everything sorted out and I will always answer that question with a ‘no of course I don’t’. You see, I’m the biggest procrastinator in the history of procrastinators. I’ll pack my suitcase at the last moment (preferably one hour before departure). I remember to do the laundry not until a day before I leave because I need to take that particular dress with me (and end up drying it with a hairdryer because it didn’t dry in time). And sometimes I forget important dates and miss deadlines (blame it on the jetlag..) or forget to post a letter or send an email. There’s nothing good about procrastinating and being unorganized. It’ll just bring you a bunch of stress and a messy start of your day. We’re all super busy but I have the tendency to not use my spare time correctly. Turns out you can get a lot done in 24 hours. Because I want to make procrastination a thing of the past and be way more organized I’ve done some research. Want to get your act together too? Continue reading..!

1. Get up one hour earlier.

Oh how glorious is it to lay in bed all day long on your day off? Divine! But sometimes a waste of a good day. When you have an early lets say dentist appointment and end up getting other things done because you had such an early start. Isn’t that awesome? And by noon you’ll be done. While you’re at it go to bed one hour earlier as well.

2. Make your to do lists.

A to do list is mandatory for a well organized #girlboss (or dude). Make your self a (realistic) to do list per day. It will empty your head and you’ll have a good view on things. And nothing is more satisfying than finding a ticked off to do list in your bag at the end of the day.

3. The Notebook.

Inspiration will hit at the weirdest moments of the day. I’ll see something on the streets or hear an interesting fact. I always carry around a pen and two notebooks. One big Moleskine to write my to do lists, shopping list, blog or other plans in. And a small Smythson notebook (with a nice message on the cover) to write down anything that inspires me and to keep business cards or other knick knacks in. So much cuter than using an app on your phone.

4. Plan.

Plan your day.. a day in advance. Write down everything you want to do and let it go. You have it on paper so you don’t have to worry about it at night.

5. Start with the hardest part.

Start making that phone call you’re dreading. Start with the pile of letters and bills that need sorting out. Send that email and get it over with and from that moment on your day will only get better. If not today..when?

6. Treat yourself.

Already finished a couple of thing from your to do list? Take a small break, have a cuppa a snack and sneak in a little time for social media. Don’t get too comfortable though. Let’s go!

7. Regularity

Difficult to have with a job like mine but can even be found in irregularity. Make it a habit to finish your list at a certain time, preferably first thing in the morning. And start making a new habit.

8. Distraction.

Switch off all of the notifications of your devices switch off your tv and laptop. Make sure you won’t be distracted by anything for a couple of hours. When I need to do a not so fun chore (like cleaning the bathroom, urgh) I’ll pop in my earphones and put on some music. That way I can zone out for a bit and time goes by much faster with good music.

9. Schedule a to do day and a fun day.

All work, no play? Of course not. For one day of getting things done there will be a day of fun too. In your pj’s until 5 on Sundays? Why not!

10. ‘And I feeeeel good…’

I must say getting things done and being organized does feel good. No stress, no rushing and a clear mind. You have the same amount of hours in a day as Beyoncé so..I’m going to start packing my suitcase…with a Beyoncé wind machine blowing.

xx Mishanou

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