Confession time.. I’m a flight attendant with a bunch of flying hours to her name and I still don’t know how to pack my suitcase! I’m either forgetting my iEverything adapters (and I love leaving them behind in hotels too) or I’ll leave out a important piece of clothing. Just like that time in London. I had a 24 hour layover, which is long for a layover in Europe so I was stoked. I luv Landan and whenever I’m there you’ll find me in the Knightsbridge area, preferably in Harvey Nichols or Harrods pretending to be the latest It-girl. However this time was different. When I was getting my outfit ready for the next day I got a light to moderate panic attack. Top, shoes, coat..check. But wait where are my pants?? I forgot to pack them! Staying in my room for 24 hours just wasn’t an option so there I went, camel coat (sadly not long enough), bright blue uniform skirt and leopard shoes…A totally mismatched wannabe socialite. Although the stores didn’t open until noon (of course!) it was already crowded. That was also the day that I bought THE LEGGING at Accessorize, the only store that was open at that time. So to prevent you guys (and yours truly) from ever making such a fashion faux pas I’ve summed up some packing tips! 

  1. Starting with the most important one: make a few staples of complete sets before you pack them. So you’ll know what to wear every day and us girls need options.
  2. Shoes. A bit hard for all us Carrie Bradshaws but just pack one pair of flipflops, one pair of comfy shoes and one pair of heels is all you need. You might get a spontaneous invite to that ‘haute’ party somewhere and you don’t want to walk in with your All Stars.
  3. Pack your shoes on the bottom of your suitcase so when they place your suitcase upright your wedges don’t…your clothes.
  4. Thank God for Hefty zipper bags! I can’t count the times that I’ve had shampoo, nail polish or sunscreen explosions in my suitcase. Bag anything that is prone to leakage (and do recycle the hefty bags)
  5. Travel light is always the best way to travel but don’t leave your suitcase too empty. Your suitcase will turn into a..
  6. Making a list and checking it twice. If you always tend to forget everything make a list of the most important things you always need like chargers, adapters and pants 😉
  7. The coldest summers are in San Francisco. I always end up buying a sweater whenever I’m there because that Bay area wind just goes right through your bones. So always keep a sweater in your suitcase whatever the destination.
  8. Also, a multi purpose scarf, an umbrella (hello? natural hair) and a bag. You don’t want to go to the beach carrying a Walgreens plastic bag, do you? 
  9. Unless you only use super expensive facial cremes, always have a spare beautycase just in case you’ve left your favorite creme at home.
  10. Never leave expensive items like cameras or Chanel bags in your suitcase. a. suitcases tend to get lost b. don’t let those locks fool you, they’re super easy to unlock.



xx Mishanou

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