As a blogger (and professional globetrotter) I hardly ever work from home. When I do I get so distracted because I end up doing little household chores in between. At coffee place Anne & Max they know exactly how to deal with this issue. Ever since 2005 Anne & Max is thé place to be when you’re in need of a caffeine shot, catch up with your bestie over tea, after work drinks or when you need a temporary cosy office. Recently they opened their second spot in The Hague on the fancy Frederik Hendriklaan (also known to locals as The Fred). Fun part about this is they rebuild an old pharmacy into a living room like coffee place. The attic is turned into a spot to where you can have meetings, use as a venue or chill out work spot for those boss chicks amongst us. To celebrate the opening of this new living away from home I was invited together with a few other bloggers to enjoyed a delish bloggers brunch. Wonder how this went down? And want to know more about Anne & Max? Check out this weeks bloggie!

Just like with the other locations this one also has that living room kind of vibe. ‘A place where you feel at home, relaxed and welcome at any time of the day’. That is exactly what founder Wobbe had in mind when he thought of the concept. Do you know why they chose the name Anne & Max? Every time Wobbe was working on a draft he would name it ‘plan Anne‘. Something like, ‘plan A’. When he was figuring out which fair trade coffee supplier he should choose he name it ‘Plan Anne & Max’ (as is fair trade coffee provider Max Havelaar). The name kind of stuck and after asking his friends everyone unanimously voted for Anne & Max to be the new name of his coffee concept.

Bloggers be like. During the bloggers brunch in the recently reconstructed attic nobody could keep their mobiles in their pockets. How could they with all that Insta worthy food on the table?

At Anne & Max they only use organic products #loveit.

Mingling, good food, networking and checking out each others profile, a bloggers event well spent.

Vegan galore! Also if you are vegan you will not be disappointed. There are many vegan options on the menu.

Franchiser Sander in action. He can get you the most delicious (and pretty) cappuccinos and chai lattes.

Too pretty to drink so let’s take a pic first. If it’s not on the Gram, it didn’t happen..

Checking out the little Anne & Max booklet with all kinds of yummy recipes #energyboost #chocolatecake #cantuccini

So when in The Hague, don’t forget to stop by at the latest addition to the Anne & Max family. See you in The Fred!

Frederik Hendriklaan 166


xx Mishanou




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