Even though I’m super duper happy with my ‘old’ new curly fro having natural isn’t always a walk in the park. Natural hair is thing and not exactly suited for everyone. It takes a lot to maintain a good natural do. Necessary ingredients are: (a lot of) time and very good products. You can’t just use any generic product on natural hair and I usually end up buying my stash in the States. But there is no need for that anymore. A short while ago a few curly bloggers, vloggers and I got invited to learn more about a new line of premium products that have been launched in The Netherlands.  The gorgeous actrice, model, activist and founder of the first luxury brand for texturized hair, Myriam Taylor came to tell us all about her own natural hair journey. Introduced us to the brand and shared how the new brand came about. Oh and don’t worry, Muxima products are also for the less curly girls and boys. ?


Myriam about her own natural hair journey. The Portuguese beauty with Angolese roots had a clear message: “At MUXIMA we celebrate texture in all forms and show the variety of the ever evolving texture of people.” Education, science and art are very important at Muxima. Myriam sees it as here duty to inspire women and to bring more awareness into the world. Oh and did you know ‘Muxima’ means ‘heart’ in Angolese? It doesn’t matter what kind of texture your hair is, it is good just the way it is. Embrace it!

muxima products

The first luxury brand for texturized hair is a fact. Muxima has launched five new products: the hydrating hair wash, reconstructing conditioner, curl defying conditioner, curl activating fluid and the protective finishing oil (this silky oil is so soft you can perfectly use it on your skin). These high end products contain caviar, collagen, argan oil and 24 carat gold particles (24k magic in your haaair) ?. And are paraben and sulfate free.
muxima 2

Curly girls getting ‘in-formation’.

muxima 4

Celebrating textured hair with The Netherlands curliest blogger en vloggers. Can you spot my fro?

muxima polaroid

The last time I used a chemical relaxer was about three years ago and it has been a journey. Never a dull moment as a ‘naturalista’. You walk out the door with shoulder length hair and return in the evening with a good five inch shrinkage. Humidity is public enemy number one, it makes your hair shrink and loose your curl pattern. And wash day is a day out of your life you’ll never get back. Washing and styling my hair will keep me occupied for a while. The don’t call it wash day for nothing. It has all been worth it though. My hair has never been healthier, it literally never breaks anymore. I’ve also embraced my hair pattern and I’ve fully accepted my fro even when it is frizzy.

muxima 3

Secret #hairgoals like the pretty @Coumbalablanche. On the bucket list, a blonde fro.

muxima myriam

With the beautiful Myriam Taylor herself. Would you like to learn more about the luxurious brand Muxima, hop over to their website muxima.net  (where you’ll find tutorials and wonderful inspirational videos) and to order your products. Available in Amsterdam soon at Het Haartheater.




xx Mishanou


pictures by: @thetrendattendant & Mooi The Agency



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