Make-up lovers have yet another reason to visit Amsterdam. INGLOT recently opened up a new store in the most popular shopping street of the Dutch capital. After New York, Milan and Las Vegas, (to name but a few), it was time for Amsterdam to be introduced to this make-up brand. INGLOT has been around for the past 30 years and is well known for their ‘freedom system’ (more about that later). Did you know they have about 1500 different colors to choose from? Sounds like a dream, right? I had the opportunity to take a sneak peek before the store was officially opened for the public. Check out the pictures below!
inglot x amsterdam 3

inglot x amsterdam

A little experiment, I had my signature red lips covered with a golden pigmentation powder. Wouldn’t have thought about it myself but I was very content with the final results.

inglot x amsterdam 2

Lipsticks and lipgloss: it is virtually impossible not to find your favorite color overhere #1500.

inglot x amsterdam 8

Does this sound familiar? You get yourself a make-up palette but out of the five colors you actually only use three because you don’t like the other colors. INGLOT designed their signature freedom system to solve that issue. You choose your own colors and how many you want to be in the palette. Be your own designer #freedom.

inglot x amsterdam 7

If you have a nice event or party coming up, the team of make-up artists at INGLOT will be your temporary glam squad if you don’t have any inspo yourself.
inglot x amsterdam 1

The sky is the limit when it comes to all the possibilities for your custom made palette. And, even more important, the products are not tested on animals. ??

inglot x amsterdam 9

Always nice to run into a familiar face. It was fun catching up with make-up artist, vlogger and author Amanda Rijff.

Are you stopping by the latest INGLOT shop soon?

Kalverstraat 64, Amsterdam

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xx Mishanou

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