Even though I love spending time on the beach whenever possible, strolling around in a big city really gets my heart rate going! Making an early start discovering new hotspots and taking multiple breaks in multiple cool coffee places. While hanging around in a metropolis you might not immediately think about taking care of your skin. I mean, it’s not like you’re sunbathing all day, right? Wrong, think about all the pollution and yes even when it’s cloudy you have to be careful with UV rays. Whenever I get back from a city trip I have these rituals I stick by. Want to know which? Well, read on reader!


Water, water, water. Not anything new here, I know, but drinking plenty of water is super important. I like to throw a (glass) bottle of water in my backpack whenever I’m on the go. Also do I add a slice of lemon to make the water alkalized (alkaline food and beverages keep your PH level stable in stead of making it acid). I once gave this passenger dermatologist a mini cross examination because I wanted to know the ‘deets’ about water and your skin. I thought you’d probably just pee everything out without any drop of moisture going to your skin. Water purifies, gets rid of toxins and keep your cells and thus your skin in good condition. So yes, it’s very necessary. I must admit I’m not the best water drinker so I keep a bottle everywhere, next to my laptop, bedroom, car you name it. Also it helps to drink a glass of water before going to bed.

Sun blocker

Just because you don’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not there. Even when you are not working on your tan on the beach you need to protect your skin from UV rays. Also on gloomy days in the city, rays go straight through clouds. You should really make it a habit to apply a sun block before your makeup (also a great anti aging life hack). Clinique has the answer for city slickers like yours truly, City Block Sheer SPF 25. This sunblock is perfect the first step before applying everyday makeup because it is not greasy, very light and without perfume. So no more excuses!



First thing I do after I get home from a trip is drink a glass water with liquid chlorophyll (I got this tip from my friend Nicole). Chlorophyll is found in green plants and has many benefits. One of them is that it bind chemicals and toxic metals and thus gets rid of them (I love using it as a sport drink as well). It’s a perfect way to get the pollution out of your body. Another benefit, it’s also an body deodorizer. Of course you can eat a truckload of veggies and take a lot of wheatgrass shots but because many of us are so busy, we can’t get to that. So liquid chlorophyll is a very good alternative. Just add a spoon of chlorophyll to a glass of water and bottoms up. Don’t freak out about the Hulk-ish green color and it tastes just like cold tea.

Apple cider vinegar detox

My morning ritual: start the day with apple cider vinegar or ‘flat belly tea’. I use it as a mini detox but getting a flat belly along the way is a plus of course..! What you need: a cup of boiled water, a spoon full (and a half) of ACV (preferably from Bragg’s because it contains a important ingredient ‘the mother’) a teaspoon of cinnamon, cayenne pepper, raw honey and a slice of lemon. Drinking this every morning is a great way to detox and gives your metabolism a boost (plus, it smells and tastes like Christmas…win/win).

The Mask

I’ve been using Clinique’s exfoliating scrub as a part of my ‘after flight beauty routine’ since forever (#fave). While literally washing the flight (and vibes) away I thoroughly exfoliate my face to make it extra clean. I didn’t have to think twice when I was asked to try Clinique’s other goodies City Block Purifying Charcoal Clay mask & scrub (try saying that three times..). The active ingredient charcoal pulls the city dirt and pollution out of your skin like a magnet. The mild scrub gets rid of the dead skin cells and reduces the visibility of large pores. Ideal for fast city girls (and boys) because you only need to keep the mask on for five minutes before gently washing it off. Conclusion: new face so new fave!


Get ready for the City!




xx Mishanou




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