Are you one of those ‘al-ways busy, busy’ people? Cramming a business lunch between yoga classes, oh wait another meeting, and let’s not forget, flying around the world? Well, because I am always so busy busy busy (Pam-An voice) I tend to forget a thing or two. Like my pharmacist down the road closing at 6 pm sharp. The other day I was racing home because I really needed to get that prescription. (I will leave out the ghetto cursing tirade towards a ‘lady’ who was triple parked so I couldn’t get by with my car, mind you it was already 5.56 pm ☺️). In comes Boots Pharmacy at Schiphol Plaza with a genius concept to save the day. They are providing a very handy service to pick up your perscription, after hours, for free. How this all works, find out below.

Boots at Schiphol Plaza is a well arranged pharmacy where you can get beauty essentials like Embryolisse, Soap & Glory and No7 but also supplements by Solgar. Because the exchange currency isn’t the best these days, I find myself buying my daily beauty essentials right here at the airport in stead of New York for example.

You can stop by Boots at Schiphol daily from 7am to 10pm.

Next to picking up prescription medicine, Boots also provides skincare travel musthaves with personal faves like Soap & Glory, Eucerin en Embryolisse.

So imagine it’s after regular closing hours, but you really need to pick up your prescription, you can use Boots Schiphol’s medicine safe. How does it work? Well, first you need to register via your local pharmacist so they can provide you with the needed prescription. After processing, you will get a personal code on your phone or via email. Together with a safe number you will get after hour access to the safe. Just tap in the code and you’re good to go. No stress, gosh my life just got so much easier..😇

Boots Pharmacy Schiphol Plaza:

Aankomstpassage 1
1118 AX Schiphol
Tel: 020 6535187

xx Mishanou

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