When it comes to makeup, I’m not the most progressive person. A red lip, winged eyeliner and that’s about it. I am a sucker for skincare products and good marketing though. The other day, when I was having a break in a café on Melrose (LA) I saw a lady come in with a tote bag with what seemed to be, a name tag hanging on it. The tote also read ‘Glossier‘ a name I recently heard a colleague raging on about. ‘Oh Mish, you have to go! A very much happening skincare and make up store in New York’. Did not know up until last week, there are only two Glossier stores in the US where you can score the goods. Anyhoo, I finished my turmeric latte and googled the address. Cause that lady just gave me a new goal in life: to get something at Glossier so I could get my own tote plus name tag (yes, the 4 year old in me loves anything with my name on it). After a five minute walk I arrived at the pink colored paradise and was ready to find out if the hype was real. So what’s so special about Glossier? Check out the following post.

She didn’t want to be in the shot but when you arrive at Glossier, a pink overall wearing gal will be welcoming you. Because I was clueless and hadn’t done any research I asked her for some advice on what to get. In stead of telling me to get the mascara (one of THE Glossier must haves which gives you a lash extensions look without lash extensions) she recommended I get the face wash in stead (The milky jelly face wash did win an Allure beauty award btw).

Ok, we’re in, what a madhouse! The store is not very big and it looked like H&M had just launched a designer collaboration. There were ladies from all ages (and a few very tired husbands) trying out makeup, baking, contouring and highlighting stuff. When you finally knew what you wanted you just needed to get the attention of a lady in pink overall. She would order your goodies on a iPad.

So what’s so special about Glossier (except having very aesthetically pleasing products?). At Glossier the believe that beauty is not made in a boardroom but by people for people. They get inspired by customers and love to get advised by them in stead of the other way around. The customers are the real beauty editors. Also fun fact, they use real people as models (in all colors, shaped and sizes) as well. This millenials favorite gets you good products for good prices. Inspire and get inspired.

Dewy is the new matte.

Traveling to New Yorkie again soon and I will definitely get the Lash slick mascara #bambilashes ?

Did you know that many people are obsessed with this pouch? To me it seemed nothing more than a pink colored Hefty zipper bag but millenial interwebs is going gaga over it. Ok, even as a grown up woman I kinda like getting stickers with anything. And as a frequent flyer I must admit a pink pouch looks way more awesome in the security check bucket?

Marketing genius. Admit it: it is way cooler to get a tote bag with ‘Los Angeles’ on it in stead of a generic plastic bag. Personalized cards and stickers are always a plus. Good products with budget friendly prices that look even better in your bathroom? What’s not to like?



Glossier Los Angeles: 8407 Melrose Place  Mon- Sat 10 am – 7pm,  Sun 11am – 7pm

Glossier New York showroom: 123 Lafayette street  Mon- Fri 12pm- 8pm, Sat- Sun 11am- 7pm


(at this time Glossier only ships to the US, Canada, UK and Ierland, mêh)



xx Mishanou

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