One of the rules I definitely live by is ‘never change a winning team’. The perfect pair of jeans, the best lip color, the leather jacket that never fails or even that one Spotify playlist. When something is totally working for you, why change that? Same goes for my food. When I really like something and it also happens to be good for your health I’ll have it day in, day out. I once discovered the benefits of turmeric smoothies and I was drinking them like water. Up to the point when people around me said that I ‘smelled like curry’. I confidently denied that but after I did my ‘big chop’ and got a piece of my old relaxed hair I realized I was reeking of curry!
During one of my first trips to Brazil I found out about the super fruit açai. The small purple berry is know for its high dose of antioxidants. And because it is so highly perishable people have it frozen like ice cream or a slush. Açai bowl is often used as a snack or little ‘pick me up’ and you can get it everywhere in Brazil. Because it looked quite boring I never tried it. But during a visit to Taipei I tried my first pimped açai bowl and I loved it. And when I was in LA I had the best bowl ever! I’ve been hooked ever since so yes, I’ve been having it for breakfast everyday. I found the perfect recipe to make breakfast time, party time. Here’s how.

IMG_0063In Brazil you can find açai in basically every supermarket. There are many varieties but the most common one is with guarana (also found in Red Bull) #givesyouwings.

The base

To make the smoothie you need:

  • one frozen banana
  • frozen açai pulp (you can get it at health food super markets) or organic freeze dried açai powder
  • frozen blue berries
  • a big spoon of peanutbutter (the magic ingredient)
  • and some almond or coconut milk

Get all of this into a blender until it is smooth. Just make sure it’s not too watery.

For window dressing

  • strawberries
  • banana
  • pineapple
  • blue berries
  • chia seed
  • maca powder
  • shredded coconut
  • pumpkin seed

or basically just use any fruit and/or super foods you like. Cut everything into small pieces, be creative and make a gorgeous bowl. Addiction at own risk.


All day, every day..


Recipe for the famous turmeric smoothie

Turmeric or Curcumin is often used in the Indian cuisine. A regular intake of turmeric has a lot of health benefits. It’s good for your skin, metabolism, fat burner, can be used as a natural antidepressant, as antibiotics, helps to fight cancer, as a medicine for Alzheimers, lowers cholesterol, anti inflammatory, detoxifies the body and speeds up the healing process for wounds. So this spice works miracles. The quickest (and most tasteful) way to use turmeric is in a smoothie. I usually have a turmeric smoothie after a flight as a quick detox.

You need:

  • a glass of coconut milk
  • one banana
  • a cup of frozen pineapple (speeds up the metabolism) or mango
  • a spoon of coconut oil
  • a teaspoon of turmeric
  • a teaspoon of cinnamon
  • maca powder
  • a spoon of chia seed
  • ginger (fresh or dried)

Mix this all up and that’s it! Not everyday though, unless you want to smell like a curry dish.


Have you tried açai bowls or turmeric smoothies?

xx Mishanou

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