Even though I don’t literally do it but when it comes to a healthy lifestyle I’m quite a tree hugger. About 80% of my groceries are organic, I regularly work out, I don’t smoke, often opt for vegetarian dishes and my home made green (slow) juices make me happy. Because my job as a trolley dolly is in the top 10 of most unhealthy jobs I try take extra good care of my body when I’m grounded. And I’m not just talking about what I put in my body but also what I put on my skin (yes, your biggest organ). I use aluminum free deodorant, and make sure I don’t use anything with parabens of phthalates. A short while ago I had the opportunity to try out the certified organic (yay) rosehip oil by the Australian brand A’kin. A friend and fellow trolley dolly already told me once that rosehip oil was the number one anti aging product to use. Especially when you’re (working) in a pressurized cabin…a lot. So I was very eager to try it out. My thoughts on A’kin rosehip oil? Let me break it down to you..

All day every day

Usually I am very careful when using oil on my skin because I have a very oily T-zone. I just use it at night and apply it one hour before going to bed, (otherwise only your pillow will get the benefits). What I really like about Akin’s rosehip oil: it is very light and your skin will absorb it quickly. So it is even safe to use during the day and before applying makeup. I loved using this oil after a flight. My ritual: thoroughly clean my face, exfoliate and afterwards, massage the rosehip oil into my skin. I once bought this Japanese massage tool as a prop for a blogpost. But now it is a part of my daily skincare routine. Make sure your skin is a bit warm and damp to absorb the rosehip oil even better. Use about five drops and warm the oil between your hand palms and press the oil onto your face. During a long haul flight I love to apply a few drops underneath my eyes when it is time for me to rest.

akin facial massage

2 Stop and smell the roses

When I first tried the oil I thought the scent was very ‘organic’, a bit grassy even. That is because of the other added ingredient rosemary. By doing this the other ingredients are preserved longer and did you know rosemary is naturally antibacterial? Because the oil gets absorbed very quickly, the scent will evaporate fast as well.

3 What’s in it for me?

A’kin rosehip oil is suitable for all skin types, from dry to normal and sensitive and has a high concentration of omega 9, 6, 3. And also vitamine A (retinol is the number one fine lines and wrinkle killer) and vitamine E. It stimulates the natural production of collagen in the skin. A’kin rosehip oil is cold pressed so all the working ingredients will be preserved and has a deep yellow color. The deeper the color the higher the quality. The rosehip oil is certified organic, vegan, free of mineral oils, parabens, sulfate, artificial coloring and not tested on animals #winning.

akin rosehip

4 Multitasker 

You can use A’kins rosehip oil for many other purposes. Use it as a serum for dry and cracked cuticles, as a finishing oil for your (natural) curls to prevent frizz, mommy’s to be can use it to prevent stretch marks. Did you stay in the sun for too long, it is perfect as an after sun to calm your skin. You only need a few drops so the bottle will last you forever! #fangirl

5 Plump it up

How to stay forever young: avoid baking in the sun (it will destroy collagen and speed up the aging process). Use a good pair of sunnies, even when the sun isn’t shining and or a hat to protect your face. Cut down on sugar…asap! Sugar will prevent your body from absorbing vitamine B and other important minerals and will break down collagen, fast. Not a total surprise but keep on drinking plenty of water. I once gave an dermatologist the third degree on water and the benefits on skin. All though water will go to your skin as a last stop still it is important to keep your cells young and hydrated.

akin facial

Ever since I tried A’kin rosehip oil I’ve noticed that my skin has become even more firm, has a healthy glow and recovers quicker after a flight. This is definitely my new skincare holy grail as an addition to my healthy organic lifestyle!  #foreveryoung ❤️

Would you like to learn more about A’kin rosehip oil? Hop over to their website  and find out about their other organic skincare products.


xx Mishanou

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