The name of my blog might be The Trend Attendant but that doesn’t mean that I attend just any trend. It has to be close to my style and more importantly, it must compliment the body. Although..if I see something often enough..(damn you good marketing). It’s like when you first hear a song that you don’t really like but after hearing it over and over again you end up singing it the loudest? Just what happened to me with the famous Isabel Marant sneaker wedges. I disliked those things with a passion (either sneakers or wedges, make up your mind!) Yet, I now own two pair of these two-in-one shoes. Enter the culottes. When I first saw these wide pants that looked like a skirt I said: ‘No way I’m following that trend!’ And yep, you’ve guessed it..I bought a black and leopard pair! Whenever I have a how-do-I-style-this dilemma I text my dear friend Jeanique (and insert a fitting room selfie). She’s the most fashion forward friend in my tribe and always has the best styling advise. And when in doubt she will always say: BUY IT! So how did I style the culottes with a little help from Jeanique? Check it out below!


All black everything. Save? Yes..  But it’s classy and dressy!

  • leather jacket: Zara
  • sweater: Zoe Karssen
  • culottes: Forever21
  • bag: vintage leather Kelly bag (style) of 50 years old
  • sandals: Zara Collection
  • sunnies: And Other Stories

Casual: sneakers, denim, leopard and a touch of color.

  • denim jacket: vintage Lee, cut off the arms to give it a R13 Denim look
  • t-shirt: Zara
  • leopard culottes: H&M
  • sneakers: All Stars
  • clutch: Bangkok market


Eclectic: mix and match patterns.

  • jacket: vintage army
  • boho leopard clutch: own design
  • culottes: H&M
  • heels: Bershka


Outtakes: ‘Yay! A cat!’, duck face zen and the Sound of Music!


xx Mishanou


ps: Danki Niki! xxx

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