Did he put a ring on it? Not yet.. Until the time he does put a ring on it and after I’ve figured out if I want to get married or just want a really big closet I’ll keep on buying myself some bling. Of course I’ll stay true to my Trinity and grandma’s ring but just like with clothing I love to mix and match my jewelry as well. Ran into some cool candy the other day. Rings by the brand MelanO. Want to see what kind of coolness I’ve picked out?


What I really like about MelanO rings is that you can make a million and one combinations yourself. Anything is possible. Semiprecious stones, initials or star signs all of these you can use to customize your rings. It’s easy peasy, just twist and turn a stone or setting on your stainless steelsilver, gold or rosé colored ring. If you’re a real Liberace there are 18 carat gold or 925 silver rings as well. Want to change it up? Just pick a new stone, turn, throw is a new side ring and in a very affordable way, you have completely new rings. MelanO also carries earrings and bracelets. New in on my wish list, a bracelet from the Twisted collection.

pick & choose

Decisions, decisions.. There’s so much to choose from!


I ended up choosing two rings from the Twisted collection. Two gold tone rings with a pearl shaped Jade stone and a marquis shaped rose quartz. I just love the combination of pink and green!

Found all of this candy at Taska accessoires and leather goods. Shop owner Therèse was happy to help me pick out this new set. Taska not only has jewelry from MelanO, Uno de 50 and Dansk Smykkekunst but also leather goods by  Shabbies Amsterdam. Want to shop online? Onlinepakhuis.nl is the place to be.

Want to find out more about MelanO contemporary jewelry and the various prices, check out onlinepakhuis.nl!


xx Mishanou

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