Red. There was a time that I didn’t own a single piece of red anything. I used to wear a red uniform and in your time off you just don’t want to be reminded of work. (also, I never wear perfume on board because back at home it makes me think that I reek of airplane) (yes, I currently own just one bottle of perfume) But ever since I discovered my favorite red lip, Ruby Woo by MAC, (kinda my signature look) I’ve started to warm up to the color again. It gives your look an upgrade, exudes power, stands out and red means le passion. I’ve traded in my red uniform for a blue one over seven years ago so slowly but surely red is returning to my closet. I’ll take you to colorful Curaçao and show you how red is making it’s comeback, check it out!

Ruby Woo

How it all began.. Because everyone basically looks dead in that horrible airplane light and I too definitely needed a boost, I went looking for the perfect red lip. Not orangey red but fire engine red. After some bad decisions I finally found my holy grail, Ruby Woo. It’s a matte lipstick but you won’t get a dry kisser and it stays on for an entire long haul flight. I started wearing it off duty and Ruby and I have been inseparable ever since!

The Bohemian look is on trend this summer. It’s always in fashion for me #bohogirl but even better because there will be more options. The off the shoulder top (which is actually a dress but so inappropriately short) is from Asos, the denim shorts are vintage Levi’s, the wedges (so old so basically vintage too) are from Target, the scarf is Hermès. The clutch is from India and arm candy all Cartier. You can change the silk cords at the Cartier boutique in all colors imaginable but I always end up switching between blue and red.

Breton stripes! Gotta love them. You usually see blue and white stripes but I chose…yes, red! The shirt is by Comme des Garçons Play and is actually a mens shirt in a size S. The ladies one was sold out of course and I had to be waitlisted for the right size. But having a slight obsessive personality and all I needed the shirt like, yesterday. So I just took the mens instead.

Red shoe love! A pop of color to finish a simple outfit (channeling my inner Beyoncé circa Crazy in Love haha!) Got them at Bershka (and they are very comfy!)

Yellow house

The yellow house.

Love my dushi island!


It’s a wrap! Welcome back, red!

xx Mishanou

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