One of my new years resolutions this year is to wear more black. Black is classy, never over or under dressed and can never fail. But I will always be a bohemian girl at heart and I will not get rid of all the color in my closet just yet. I’ve been obsessing about this jacket by the Australian brand Gypsy River for a while. A green army jacket with a colorful vintage one of a kind embellishment on the back. The world is just a click away and you can basically get anything online but Oz just seemed a stretch. And what if there’s something wrong with the order? Anyhoo, one of my motto’s: if you can’t buy it, make it! (or find someone who can). So that’s how project embellished jacket was born.

I found the perfect army jacket on a local market for just 25€. For the embellishments I needed to travel a little bit farther, to Bangkok to be exact. I’ve already seen the embellishments on a recent trip to Thailand but I didn’t know which ones to choose then. Attempt number two. Unfortunately the store where I had seen them before was closed on sundays so I had a mild panic attack! After some research and stressing out a cab driver I finally found the goods at the Chatuchak weekend market.

Back home a professional seamstress sew the embellishments on the jacket (and she actually broke six needles in the process, oops) and it was ready just in time for my trip to LA. Definitely a new fave! What do you think?

Pictures: by Mishanou, Gypsy River

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