The perks of being a flight attendant. You get to travel the world, meet interesting people and get to do some shameless serial shopping. No, not all of us run straight to Victoria’s Secret after touch down but for many of us it’s a nice way to spend time during a layover. Since many mainstream shops like Abercrombie, Forever21 and Urban Outfitters can also be found back home, it’s much more interesting to shop at (vintage) markets or small boutiques. Sometimes, it just so happens that I’ll have a complete ‘brain error’ and return home with a suitcase full of ‘what-were-you-thinkings’. It looked so nice on the local market but after recovering from your jetlag you realize that the item will be in your closet…forever. Want to see my impulsive jetlag buys? Check out below and enjoy!

love believes

missoni poncho

The Mexican poncho

I’ll blame it on the fact that Mexico City is so high above sea level and that there is a seven hour time difference with the Netherlands. Because I can’t think of any good excuse for buying this garment. I did at one point convince myself that the print is ‘very Missoni’ but that still didn’t make it easier for me to ever wear it. After I got home this poncho immediately got dismissed, adios..

blue bag

festival bag

The Bangkok festival bag

Aah yes, the blue fringe bag. It seemed so cute between all the other boho bags and the Navajo look-a-like sales guy on Kao San Road. I spend my last Thai Baht on this bag and I even had to borrow some from a colleague. But what made me buy the bag in the first place now annoys me. The color is so bold that it’s hard to wear cause it clashes with everything. And you’ve guessed it, this bag hasn’t seen any festival this season.


honky tonk

The fluffy coat

This might be my biggest shopping fail ever. I bought this fluffy thing at Urban Outfitters in L.A. I think the big letters that said ‘SALE‘ blinded me. (I’m a sucker for a good sale). I had big plans, the coat and I were going to conquer the world! I was planning on making a big entrance during Fashion week. However the street style photographers weren’t exactly queuing up! Haha! This coat makes you look bigger than you actually are and we don’t want that! So, signed, sealed, delivered and in the storage room you go. It’s sooo fluffy!


alpaca fail

The Alpaca scarf

This one is a typical case of ‘being influenced by your colleagues’. Bought this scarf on a market in Peru. Fact that I don’t really believe that this scarf was made of real Alpaca wool, I also don’t understand why I chose such a bland color? Soft? Oh yeah.. Plucking the fabric of your lip all day long, priceless.

hunter boots


The Hunter boots

I did give these wellies a chance. After seeing Kate ‘the Great’ Moss on Glastonbury with these on, I needed them in my life too. And I could pull them off even when not walking around on a festival, right? I immediately requested a flight to Scotland (yes, cheaper over there) to get them. However, walking down the streets in my hometown with these things on, I felt more like a construction worker than a bohemian It-girl. The wellies are not really comfortable, they make you look frumpy and the suffocate your feet.

I feel a garage sale coming up..

xx Mishanou



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