It was a cold day in december. December 16, 2003 to be exact. I was wearing combat pants and Uggs  (don’t laugh). And I remember being very weak in the knees. Because that was the day I was going to get MFDHBMFirst Designer HandBag. After extensive research on the web and saving enough money I knew exactly what I wanted. Since then there have been some additions. Take a look at the evolution of a Bag Lady..

My first born… A Louis Vuitton Speedy 25. One of the LV icons. I travelled the whole world with this bag. I do regret not getting a bigger size though.

The perfect travel bag. The Mulberry Bayswater. This bag is so Mary Poppins! Carries anything and the leather gets softer with age.

My babe of all babes.. My Chanel Jumbo flap bag in caviar leather. Inseparable since she was born on january 7 2013. And placed in her dustbag every night. I’m very loyal to my bags. I don’t own many designer bags because I use a bag extensively for a few years before I get a new one. Quality not quantity.

Like many fashionistas I dream about owning a Hermès Birkin bag one day. But 7000 big ones for a bag…? Hmm..

What’s your dream bag?

Images and text: by Mishanou

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